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2016 UWW Membership Requirements Completed

Thanks Timken!



         Offer incentives like Timken did - a designated parking space!

United Way

For more than 70 years, the United Way of Lincoln County has been working for the community of greater Lincoln County.  We help ensure that short-term needs are being met while simultaneously working on long-term solutions to problems.  We do this by investing in leading evidence-based initiatives that target the root causes if the challenges that face our community.  We envision a community in which all are able to achieve stability, success, and good health.

2016 UWLC Day of Action

On August 18, 2016 a free clothing classroom was put together for all of Lincoln County students to have their basic needs met. Shoes, socks, undergarments, coats, shirts, pants, dresses, pajamas, and more. A designer boutique was put in place for students to earn rewards to be able to shop the boutique for jewelry, designer purses and clothes. A teen pregnancy center resource room was created for teen moms to have access to various items. A separate room for sorting and hanging thanks to a beautiful new closet built and shelving placed in this classroom by our volunteers. Our volunteers did everything from cleaning toilets to painting, cleaning windows and refrigerators to cleaning floors. This is something to behold!!! This happened because of YOU! Individuals in our community who believed in volunteering and the companies that allowed their employees to volunteer. AMAZING WORK BY EVERYONE. To our families, neighbors, co-workers, Church families, children and friends. Thank you. To those who couldn’t be there to work but collected school supplies and made donations that made this day possible. Thank you.

See the Impact your UW is creating!

Do you want to see the impact your United Way is having in your county through partnerships with others?  Watch this video.

UWLC Impact Video